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153T Yarn Tension Transmitters

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Product Description

Model 153T yarn tension transmitter is developed to measure yarn tension or to detect yarn breakdown in the production processes of textile industry, e.g., the false twist texturing process for multi-filament yarns.

The 153T transmitter employs the 1531 force sensor from BCM SENSOR, which has its sensing element manufactured through the thick-film technology on the ceramic sensor body.

The housing of 153T is made from aluminium alloy to feature a light weight and is designed to be easily integrated into a textile yarn processing machine.

With a sensor signal conditioning circuit, the output of 153T can be conditioned to either analogue output (e.g., 4~20mA, 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, 0~5Vdc, 0~10Vdc) or digital output (e.g., I2C, SPI).

Additional Information


0.5N, …, 5N


up to ±0.5%fs