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101B(a19F) Flush-Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

For applications where customers need to measure pressure of viscous media or media with particles, and especially applications that involve cleaning process, we have developed a complete flush diaphragm sensor 101B(a19F) based on BCM standard pressure sensor model 101B(a19G). This new sensor model has a structure that doesn’t deposit residuals of pressure media.

Typical applications:
• Process control systems
• Industrial controls
• Hydraulic and pneumatic controls
• Pressure transducers and transmitters
• Pressure calibrators
Key specifications:
• Complete flush diaphragm
• Pressure reference & ranges:
Gauge: -1, 0.1, …, 35 bar
Absolute: 0.35, …, 100 bar
• Isolated stainless steel package
• Either with or without temperature compensation
• Various electrical interface: pins, flying wires, or customized interface available on request.




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