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Upgraded Backing Materials of Metal Foil Strain Gauges

BCM SENSOR has recently successfully upgraded the materials of the backing layer of its metal foil strain gauge from FIBA to FIBAL:
– F: modified phenolic resin
– I: modified polyimide resin
– B: laminated polyetherketone
– A: advanced laminated polyimide
– L: laminated polyimide

170329_Pic for Upgraded Backing Materials_TEC

Thanks to the different backing materials, the strain gauges from BCM SENSOR can have different working temperature ranges as listed below:
– F: -30~+80°C
– I: -85~+150°C
– B: -45~+150°C
– A: -195~+200°C
– L: -55~+150°C
These wide working temperature ranges can meet the requirements of various applications, from commercial and normal industrial applications to automotive and military applications.
Both backing A and L are laminated polyimide. The gauge with backing A features the widest working temperature, while the gauge with backing L can have the highest strain limit up to 40,000με.
For more details, please visit the metal foil strain gauge page of BCM SENSOR website: