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153T Yarn Tension Sensors for Textile Industry

BCM SENSOR has successfully developed 153T yarn tension sensors for textile industry. This sensor can be used for yarn break detection and yarn tension measurement in textile production process, e.g., false twist texturing process for multi-filament yarns.

153T offers the following benefits:
• Capacity down to 0.5N;
• Accuracy up to 0.5%fs;
• Variable options for output signal: 4~20mA, 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, 0~5V, I2C, or SPI;
• Compact, robust and light-weight design.


Thanks to its compact, robust and light-weight design, the 153T can be easily retrofitted onto the existing machines of production line. Detailed dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheet of 153T which is linked below:

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