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Customized Strain Gauges for Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors or Stress Analysis

Nowadays robots play a more and more important role in the modern manufacturing which require a high automation level. This trend leads to the growing demand of the multi-axis force/torque sensors, e.g., model 8691 from BCM SENSOR, and of the stress analysis for the materials.

With 23-year experience with strain gauges, force sensors and torque sensors, BCM SENSOR is the expert to provide the customized and compact metal foil strain gauges for your multi-axis force/torque sensors and/or stress analysis applications. The picture herewith shows the recently designed patterns as an example:


The pattern on the left combines 4 shear grids into one strain gauge, and forms the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit. The pattern on the right combines 4 shear and 1 linear grids, and has its dimensions of backing layer of only 5mm x 5mm.

Such patterns can significantly increase your production efficiency and/or minify your sensor dimensions.

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