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500G Mono-Block Pressure Sensors Made from 316L Stainless Steel

BCM SENSOR is proud of launching a new version of model 500G pressure sensors which is made from 316L stainless steel (SS). This model is designed for high pressure application up to 5000bar. Thanks to the unique mono-block structure, the 500G sensors can have excellent resistance to overload pressure – proof pressure up to 300%fs while burst pressure up to 500%fs. Moreover, the mono-block structure helps the 500G avoid using any O-ring inside the sensor structure for sealing purpose. As the result, it can prevent pressure medium leaking to the backside of the sensor.


The previous version of 500G was made only from 17-4ph SS. On the new version, 316L SS as sensor body material has widened the range of suitable application for the 500G sensor, as 316L SS is more anticorrosive than 17-4ph SS.

The dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheet of 500G as linked below:

For further information, please contact BCM SENSOR at or +32-3-238 6469.