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Absolute Pressure Sensor Dies of Small Foot-print for Absolute Pressure Applications of Wide Measuring Range

BCM SENSOR is proud to present a newly released absolute pressure sensor die, model SE113, which is a version of smaller foot-pint (2 x 2 mm), compared to its sister model SE103 that is one of our hot-sale sensor dies.

The model SE113 is specially designed for either absolute pressure measuring or absolute pressure control/monitoring applications. It targets to automotive industry, medical devices, HVAC applications, and household industries.

Compared with the other two absolute pressure sensor dies, model SE101 and SE102, the SE113 has much wider options available in term of measuring range.


Features of model SE113 are:

  • Small foot-print;
  • Wide measuring range;
  • High reliability and stability;
  • Low temperature drift under a constant current excitation.

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