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Compact Design on Pressure Sensor with True Flush Diaphragm

BCM SENSOR has applied metal foil strain gauge technology on the pressure sensor to achieve the true flush diaphragm. As such the diaphragm is completely flat without any corrugated structure on the diaphragm, it is ideal for the applications which require cleaning process for viscous pressure media or media with particles.

Recently a new compact design of model 132F has been unveiled as shown in the picture below. The total length is 30mm shorter than our current 132F.

170201_Image of new design 132F for website_BCM

Key specifications of this new design:

  • Range: 0~16barG, …, ~400barG;
  • Output sensitivity: ≥ 1mV/V;
  • Accuracy: up to 0.25%fs;

For more information, please contact us at or +32-3-238 6469.

Datasheet of 132F: