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1312/1392 Shear-Web Compression and Tension Load Cells

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Product Description

Model 1312/1392 is load cell made of shear-web working principle, and is designed to measure compression loads. Featuring a thread thru hole at the center, 1312/1392 load cells can be used to measure tension force as well. These load cells are relatively insensitive to the extraneous load and moments (torque).
1312/1392 load cells have wide load capacities from 2t to 300t, and the measuring accuracy is up to 0.03%fs (fs = full scale).
The 1312 is made from AISI 4340, while the 1392 is made from 17-4PH stainless steel. These load cells are rugged in design and can be used in applications in harsh industrial environment. 1312/1392 load cells are widely used in vehicle scales, tank and hopper scales.

Additional Information


2t, …, 300t


up to ±0.05%fs

Note: See detailed values of M and F in the datasheet.