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6918/6998 Compression & Tension Load Cells of High Protection

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Product Description

Based on BCM advanced metal foil strain gauges technology, model 6918/6998 S-type load cells are made of shearbeam working principle. These load cells have a compact construction and can measure both compressive and tensile forces. These load cells are widely used in applications where the load cells are suspended from an overhead structure and the object to be measured is hung from the underside.
6918/6998 load cells can measure tensile and compressive loads from 0.5t to 30t with an accuracy 0.02%fs (fs=full scale). n request, these load cells can be supplied with IML C3 certificate. Thanks to BCM leading technology in sealing, 6918/6998 load cells can be made to a higher protection grade IP68, and fit to harsh industrial conditions.
Typical applications of 6918/6998 load cells include hanging-sclaes and hopper-scales weighing systems.

Additional Information


0.5t, …, 30t


±0.02%fs, OIMLC3