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1415 Column Compression Load Cells

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Product Description

Model 1415 load cell is a canister-type load cell which is developed to measure high compression loads up to 500t. It features a single semispherical-ended structure which allows a certain inclination of loading from the vertical loading axis.

The 1415 load cell possesses a robust design, and its compression beam is made from mild steel and treated with nickel plating, while its housing and sitting-bottom are made from stainless steel. Its environmental protection can meet up to IP67 which allows it to be used under all weather conditions. These features make this model widely used in tank, silo, hopper, and truck weighing applications.

Thanks to the advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, the non-linearity of 1415 load cell is limited down to 0.05%fs (fs = full scale). Thanks to its unique structure, a sensor signal conditioner can be integrated into this load cell so that its output signal of load cell can be conditioned from millivolt to 4~20mA, 1~5V, or digital ones.

Additional Information


0.5t, …, 500t


up to ±0.05%fs

Note: See detailed values of M in the datasheet.