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219D Differential Pressure Transmitters for Smart Valve Application

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Product Description

Model 219D is a transmitter version of 218D differential pressure transducer. These transmitters are made of 316L stainless steel (SS) with a laser welded construction. 219D transmitters are low profile products with threads as the process interface for easy installation. The threads can be made in female or male types.

Model 219D is designed for measuring the differential pressure of gases or dilute liquids. The measuring ranges span from 0~0.1 bar up to 0~35 bar. Its output is either 4~20 mA or 0~5 Vdc with accuracy up to 0.5%fs (fs = full scale). The non-zero output at ZERO load provides an easy solution for diagnosis.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.1 bar, …, ~20 bar

Pressure Type


Static Pressure / Overload Pressure

1000%fs (max. 100bar)

Output Signal

4~20mA, 0~5Vdc, 1~5Vdc, 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, I2C, SPI


up to ±0.5%fs