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151K/156K/159K Single-Bending-Beam Force Transducers

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Product Description

The 151K/156K/159K force transducer is developed for force measurements which require a compact design. It has been widely used in food industry for food machines or cooking devices, and also used to build postage scales, kitchen scales, or portable scales.

This force transducer series employs single-bending-beam working principle, so it needs to be installed as reverse beam in order to function properly.

To broaden the capacity of this force transducer series, different materials have been used to make the transducer body – model 156K made from aluminum alloy has capacity from 30N to 150N, while model 151K/159K made from steel has capacity from 150N to 500N.

Moreover, the 159K which is made from stainless steel is more suitable for a harsh environment than the 151K which is made from mild steel.

Based on the advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, all three models (151K, 156K, and 159K) provide excellent stability and reliability.

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30N, …, 500N