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UF61/UF91 Compression and Tension Force Transducers

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Product Description

The UF-series force transducers are designed for measurements of either compression or tension force. This series features low profile which makes it ideal for applications of limited space. The UF-series transducers also can be easily installated onto and dismounted from the system.

This transducer employs double bending beam working principle. The standard output sensitivity is 2mV/V. Its output signal of 4~20mA or 0.5~4.5V is available on request. Its nonlinearity can achieve up to 0.1%fs.

The UF-series can be made from either aluminum alloy (model UF61) or stainless steel (model UF91) so as to have a wide capacity range from 1N to 2500N.

Additional Information


1N, …, 2500N


up to ±0.1%fs