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UG Force Transducers with Overload Protection

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Product Description

Made from 2024 aluminum alloy, the UG force transducer is developed as an overload-protected device to measure the forces where the extreme-overload happens frequently in applications.
Based on the BCM precision strain gauge technology, the UG force transducer works on bending beam principle with measuring capacity from 3N to maximum 300N. Its measuring accuracy is standardized to 0.2%fs, while its output sensitivity is designed to reach 2.0 mV/V corresponding to the full scale load of its required capacity.
The UG force transducer is developed as a counterpart of the BCM UF force transducer which has no overload-protection. The two models, UF and UG, can be installed either vertically or horizontally. When the transducer is installed in its vertically position the bending beam can be either pulled down or pulled up, depending on the direction of force to measure. Therefore both the UF and UG are designed to symmetrical force transducers and are able to measure, after installation, the two directional forces in application.

Additional Information


3N, …, 300N


up to ±0.1%fs