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LV36 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitters with Flush Diaphragm

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Product Description

Fully made from 316L stainless steel, model LV36 liquid level transducer and transmitter is designed to be submerged in dilute liquid for level measurement. The working principle of LV36 is to measure static pressure created by liquid column corresponding to the liquid level to be measured. The measuring reference of LV36 can be either absolute pressure or gauge pressure, depending on whether or not the atmospheric pressure needs to be included in measurement. Therefore, when LV36 is installed in liquid, it is suitable for a wide variety of level measuring applications. For this purpose the environmental protection of LV36 meets IP68 requirements.

This model is integrated with an 101B(a19G) pressure sensor from BCM SENSOR. The pressure sensor is designed with a flush diaphragm, which can be protected by a metal filter to prevent from being damaged by gravel or covered by organic substances (e.g., weeds) in liquid medium. A stainless steel (SS) cap is employed at the front of LV36 to completely encapsulate the pressure sensor. Thanks to the flush diaphragm, when the SS cap can be taken off and the LV36 can be installed in a kind of viscous fluid, the LV36 can be used to measure the level of such the viscous fluid.

The standard measuring reference is gauge (or relative) pressure which is realized in LV36 by means of a stiff vent tube contained in the electric cable.

The measuring range of LV36 can be from 0~1 meter up to 0~200 meter water column (mH2O) of accuracy up to 0.25%fs (fs = full scale). In case of an LV36 transmitter, its output signal can be configured to either current loop (4~20 mA, standard), voltage output (1~5Vdc or 10%~90%Vs ratiometric), or digital protocol (I2C or SPI). The millivolt signal as a directly output from the Wheatstone bridge circuit is available when LV36 is ordered as a transducer.

Additional Information

Measuring Range

0~1mH2O, …, ~200mH2O

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute


up to ±0.25%fs