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LV66(a)/LV66(b) Oil Level Transmitters

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Product Description

Based on capacitive principle, the LV66-series oil level transmitters are developed for automotive application where the oil level in a fuel tank has to be measured or controlled.
The LV66-series transmitters can also be used to measure or control the level of any non-conductive liquid in tank applications.

Thanks to the capacitive working principle, the LV66-series transmitter features lower temperature drift and wider oil temperature range from -50°C to +200°C, compared to other sensor technologies. In addition, there are no moving parts in the LV66-series level transmitters, so the transmitters are solid state sensors and offer excellent stability and reliability for oil level applications.

The detection part of LV66-series can be made from either aluminum alloy or 316L stainless steel materials. The 316L stainless steel version allows the LV66-series not only to be installed in harsh environment but also to be able to measure various non-conductive liquid compatible with 316L stainless steel.

There are two versions available for LV66-series level transmitters, LV66(a) and LV66(b). The LV66(a) is installed in an oil tank by means of thread mounting while the LV66(b) is fixed to an oil tank through flange mounting.

Each transmitter is calibrated at factory with the oil (or equivalent) specified by customers so as to provide required accuracy.

Additional Information

Measuring Range

5~50mm, …, 10~1000mm (oil or other non-conductive liquid level)


up to ±0.5%fs