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LV37 Liquid Level Transmitters with Display

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Product Description

Model LV37 liquid level transmitter is developed from model Lv36 liquid level transducer by assembling an LV36 transducer to a Smart Transmitter. A Smart Transmitter is mainly composed of an advanced sensor signal conditioner (SSC), an LCD of 4½ digits and a rigid metal housing.

Thanks to the advanced SSC, the smart transmitter can have 4~20mA current loop with HART protocol which facilitates remote communication. By means of a hand-held HART communicator or a commputer, the transmitter’s zero and span can be re-configured or adjusted on site or in a control room through the remote communication. The LCD of 4½ digits indicates readouts on-site. The rigid metal housing provides explosion proof of level of flameproof (Ex d II CT5) or intrinsically safe (Ex ia II CT6), thereore allows the transmitter to be installed in a harsh environment.

As the LV36 transducer functions as a measuring probe for the LV37 transmitter, the working principle of LV37 is the same as LV36’s, i.e., measuring static pressure created by liquid column corresponding to the liquid level to be measured.

Moreover, the LV37 also inherits the features of LV36, such as fully 316L stainless steel structure of the probe which is designed to be submerged in dilute liquid for level measurement, wide measuring ranges from 0~1 meter up to 0~200 meter of accuracy up to 0.25%fs, and selectable measuring reference between gauge (or relative) pressure and absolute pressure. For details of model LV36, one can refer to its datasheet on BCM SENSOR website.

Additional Information

Measuring Range

0~1mH2O, …, ~200mH2O

Pressure Type



up to ±0.25%fs