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SE102 High-Overload-Pressure Sensor Dies

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Product Description

Model SE102 is designed as a piezoresistive pressure sensor die. Thanks to its design, the model SE102 features high overload pressure (HOP), i.e., high proof pressure and high burst pressure. The HOP enables the sensor die to sustain huge pressure peaks during any transient processes in application. This pressure sensor dies are manufactured through 6″ wafer silicon-on-silicon process by MEMS technology. The unique design of its pressure diaphragm results in the SE102 possessing both high sensitivity of output signal and extraordinary resistance to the overload pressures.

This model is designed for absolute, gauge or differential pressure measurements. For gauge or differential pressure reference, there are two types of structure available. One is the silicon-on-silicon structure, i.e., with the silicon constraint, while the other is without the silicon constraint.

As a non-signal-conditioning sensor die, the standard SE102 is available in an open-bridge circuit with five solder pads for both bridge adjustment and temperature compensation.

Before packing, each SE102 sensor die is individually tested and qualified to its specifications.

Three types of packaging are available as options to fit different marketing demands.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~0.4bar, ~1bar

Pressure Type


Non Linearity