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433S Vacuum Transmitters

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Product Description

Model 433S Vacuum Transmitter is designed for applications of vacuum measuring or monitoring. Its measuring ranges are from 0~225torr through 0~525torr to ~750torr with the absolute pressure reference, or from -988~0 mbar through -700~0 mbar to -300~0 mbar with the gauge pressure reference.

In fact, the 433S Vacuum Transmitter is developed from 131S Pressure Transmitter, so it works on silicone piezoresistive technology.

In additional to G1/4” thread (male or female) as its standard process connection, an unique mechanical interface with 1/4″ VCR adaptor is specially developed for 433S transmitters to meet requirements for vacuum application. On request, BCM SENSOR can develop customized mechanical interface for this 433S Vacuum Transmitter.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

1.5~225 torr, 1.5~525 torr, 1.5~750 torr (absolute)
-998~0 mbar, -700~0 mbar, -300~0 mbar (gauge)

Pressure Type

absolute, gauge

Output Signal

4~20mA, 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, 0~5V, 1~5V, I2C,SPI