• Three-way Manifold for Differential Pressure Transducers with Flange

    BCM SENSOR is proud to present a new option of mechanical interface of BCM SENSOR differential pressure transducers – a three-way manifold mounted on the flange. The picture below shows one example of this new option on the model 160M. The new option can also be applied on any other BCM SENSOR differential pressure transducers […]
  • Upgraded Backing Materials of BCM SENSOR Metal Foil Strain Gauges

    BCM SENSOR has recently successfully upgraded the backing materials of metal foil strain gauges. Now the options of backing material are FIBA: F: advanced phenolic resin I: modified polyimide resin B: laminated polyetherketone A: laminated phyimide Thanks to this upgrade, the number of backing material options have been reduced from 6 to 4, but the […]
  • Pressure Sensors of Flexible and Reliable Electrical Interface

    BCM SENSOR is proud to present two new options of pressure sensors which are integrated with flexible flat cable (FFC). As an example, this newsletter announces the newly released ceramic pressure sensors of the two options, as shown in the picture below.               Such the FFC features excellent flexibility […]