• Thermal Gas Flow Sensors for Residential Smart Gas Metering

    BCM SENSOR has launched a newly developed thermal gas flow sensor, model TFS2200, specially designed for the residential smart gas metering applications. This sensor works on thermal bridge working principle. Thanks to the MEME process, this sensor has advantages of low power consumption and wide measuring range with high accuracy. As a result the measuring […]
  • Miniature Submersible Liquid Level Transducers

    BCM SENSOR has recently launched a newly developed liquid level transducer, model LV16, for mass production. This miniature liquid level transducer is based on piezoresistive working principle and has a very thin (Ø12mm) transducer body made from 316 stainless steel.
  • Flip-Chip Pressure Sensor Dies

    BCM SENSOR has recently released a newly developed flip-chip pressure sensor die for mass production. This flip-chip sensor die, model SE105, is based on piezoresistive working principle and is manufactured by 6” silicon micro-machining process. Shown in the image are two cross section of the SE105 flip-chip sensor die, which can be used for gauge […]