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Full-Bridge Strain Gauges with Integrated Flat Leads on One Backing

New Compact and Neat Design to Realize Your Circuit

BCM SENSOR has recently succeeded to integrate the flat leads into the pattern design of the metal foil strain gauges so that the flat leads become the part of the strain gauge. Flat leads are naturally insulated with the backing and encapsulation of the strain gauge. The solder pads as electrical contacts are located at the end of the flat leads.

The picture below shows one example (*) of this design on our EB type full-bridge strain gauge. And this new design can be applied to any other type of metal foil strain gauges from BCM SENSOR.

(*) E.g., backing dimensions (width x length) of entire design = 8.5mm x 80mm.

170125_EB(FC) Type SG_MF

This new design offers the following benefits:

  • Reliable electrical contact between the leads and the strain gauge;
  • Flexible leads with reliable insulation;
  • Neat arrangement of the leads.

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