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132F Pressure Transmitters with Flush Diaphragm

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Product Description

The 132F is developed for general purpose in industrial applications. This model features a monolithic structure so as to avoid O-ring fitting internally and achieve solid and durability. Depending on the BCM high-quality metal foil strain gauge, the transmitter provides high accuracy and excellent resistance to wide temperature variation. Available in numerous options of process connection and electrical interface, the 132F can fit most industrial pressure measurement systems.
Consisting of a 17-4PH stainless steel (SS) diaphragm, 316 SS wetted part, and a 304 SS housing, the 132F can be used for measurements involving hostile media. Due to a flush diaphragm process connection, the transmitter is specially designed to measure pressures of viscous fluids or media containing solids with gauge pressure reference.
By selecting proper electrical interface, the 132F is able to reach the environmental protection rating up to IP67.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~16bar, …, ~400bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

4~20mA, 0.5~4.5V (ratiometric), 0.5~5V, 0.5~10V


up to ±0.25%fs