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1190 Miniature Compression Force Transducers

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Product Description

Model 1190 is a low-profile disc-type transducer which is designed to measure compression force in the limited space. The size of this model can be down to Ø9.5mm x 3mm, so it is called a miniature disc-type transducer.

The 1190 miniature disc-type transducer is widely used in automatic filling lines or testing lines of electronics. This transducer finds also its application in both retro-fitment of existing machines and other systems where a compression force has to be measured within a limited space.

The transducer body is made from 17-4PH stainless steel. And the IP rating of 1190 is IP65.

In addition, the 1190 transducer is integrated with TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet), by which it can be easily re-calibrated on site without using conventional calibration facility.

Thanks to advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, the 1190 transducers can deliver stable and accurate measuring results.

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50N, …, 5000N