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1199 Pedal Force Transducers

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Product Description

Model 1199 Pedal-Force Transducer is specifically developed to measure the compressive force applied by a foot on a pedal to brake vehicles, or the compressive force applied by feet on sewing machine, or other pedal forces applied on any objects.

To fit this application, the model 1199 Pedal-Force Transducer features with both a pad of a spherical surface to correctly receive the force and its installation fittings so as to be easily installed on its objects such as brake pedals or pedals of sewing machine.

Made from stainless steel and finished with welded structure the model 1199 Pedal-Force Transducer also features a robust design and higher IP rating up to IP66.

Thanks to advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, this 1199 Pad-Force Transducers possesses property that it can deliver stable and accurate measuring results.

In addition, the 1199 transducer can be integrated with TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) on request, by which it can be easily recalibrated on site without using conventional calibration facility.

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500N, …, 1500N