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5715/5795 Single-Ended Load Pins

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Product Description

Based on BCM advanced metal foil strain gauge technology, 5715/5795 load pins are made of single-ended shearbeam working principle. 5715/5795 load pin is mostly used as a shaft of sensor function as the one half of the shaft can be considered as a stationary part while the other half intends to have a shearing shift corresponding to the stationary part.
The 5715/5795 load pins can be used to measure the forces ranging from 10 kN to 300 kN with an accuracy up to 0.2%fs (fs = full scale). Amplified and conditioned output signal such as 4~20mA or 0.5~5V or 0.5~10V are available on request. These load pins can be sealed to high protection grade of IP 68 so as to be operated under harsh industrial environment.
5715/5795 load pins are often used as traction-force sensors (draft sensors) to be installed in crane system, hopper system, process system, and onboard vehicle system where the single-ended shaft of senor is necessary to measure the concerned force.

Additional Information


10kN, …, 300kN


up to ±0.2%fs