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6795 Hermetically Sealed Single-Ended Load Pins

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Product Description

The 6795 load pin is developed from the BCM tube-like 6798 load pin, and functions as a single-ended load transducer.

Compared to the single-ended 5795 load pin which works on one-shear beam, the 6795 load pin employs the bending beam principle and results in higher resistance to measuring errors resulted from the eccentric load.

By keeping the most specifications of the 6798 double-ended load pins, the 6795-series are designed to have load capacity ranging from 0~300 kg to 0~50 ton, with 1%fs measuring accuracy, and the rest specifications can be referred to the BCM 6798 load pins.

As a single-ended load pin, one end of the 6795 is fixed to a stationary object while the other end is fixed to another object where the load is applied.

As the 6795-series load pins offer outstanding environmental protection up to IP68 rating, they are the good candidates for harsh environment use.

Additional Information


0.3t, …, 50t


up to ±1%fs