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101B(a19G) Pressure Sensors for General Purpose

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Product Description

Model 101B(a19G) pressure sensor (PS) is developed for general purpose of pressure measurement. This PS covers a wide measuring range of pressures from 0.1bar to 1000bar, with pressure reference of gauge (relative), absolute, or sealed gauge.

As a PS for general purpose, the model 101B(a19G) PS has been temperature compensated for temperature range of -10~+70°C. And the PS can be supplied with a variety of output signals, e.g., mV/V signal directly from its Wheatstone bridge circuit, ratiometric signal of 10%~90%Vs, or digital signal of I2C or SPI protocols by means of an SSC (sensor signal conditioner) which is fixed at its backside.

Like all the other 101B-series PS’s, the 101B(a19G) PS measures pressure by a piezoresistive pressure sensor die. The sensor die is integrated inside a capsule of the PS. The capsule is formed by the sensor housing and its diaphragm, and is fully filled with un-compressive oil. Therefore, the diaphragm of the PS isolates the sensor die from pressure medium. When the pressure of pressure medium is applied to the isolation diaphragm, the oil transfers the pressure onto the sensor die.

Thanks to the isolation diaphragm and sensor housing, both of which are made from 316L stainless steel, the 101B(a19G) PS can measure corrosive or/and conductive medium as long as the pressure medium is compatible to 316L stainless steel.

One of the most common application with the 101B(a19G) PS is to integrate it into a customized housing to form a customized PS, like 101B(c) PS, so as to facilitate pressure measurement with 101B(a19G).

Additional Information

Pressure Range

1~0bar, 0~0.1bar, …, ~35bar (gauge)
0~0.7bar, …, ~400bar (absolute)
0~600bar, ~1000bar (sealed gauge)

Pressure Type

gauge, absolute, sealed gauge

Output Signal

≥60mV, option: 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, I2C, SPI


up to ±0.25%fs