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1211/1291 Cylindrical Compression Load Cells

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Product Description

1291 load cells are designed for compressive force measurements where the space is limited. These products can be used either as load washers or compression load cells.
Model 1291 offers a low profile design for high capacity applications. The capacity of 1291 load cells ranges up to 10t. The measuring accuracy of this model is up to 0.1%fs. It can also be provided with IML accuracy class.
The 1211 is made of AISI 4340 aluminum while the 1291 is made of 17-4PH stainless steel and are rugged in design. The typical applications of the load cells include bolt stresses measurement, clamping forces measurement, and weighing systems.

Additional Information


1t, …, 10t


up to ±0.1%fs