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301B Mono-Block Ceramic Pressure Sensors

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Product Description

The 301B is piesoresistive pressure sensor based on ceramics. By means of thick film technology, the bridge circuit is directly printed at the back of a ceramic pressure diaphragm. Thanks to excellent corrosion resistance, the other side of the diaphragm can be exposed to measured media without any additional protection. And this sensor is widely used in HVAC applications.

As the 301B is made from one piece of Al2O3 ceramics (mono-block structure), it possesses a rigid structure and can be mounted directly in a case by using an O-ring or to a metal fitting.

The sensor has the standard diameter of 18mm and are temperature compensated. There are also various options of output signal available on request.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~4bar, …, ~400bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

2mV/V(standard), 10%~90%Vs (ratiometric), I2C, SPI, ZACwire


up to ±0.5%fs