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664F(c) Pressure Sensors with Customized Housing

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Product Description

Model 664F(c) pressure sensor (PS) features a mono-block structure, i.e., its diaphragm and housing are machined from one piece of stainless steel. This feature can avoid using any O-ring inside the PS and dramatically increases reliability of the PS. The sensor housing and diaphragm form an inner-cavity structure. All materials of the inner-cavity are made from 17-4PH stainless steel and will have directly contact to pressure medium.

The same as 664F(f), the 664F(c) PS has a metal foil strain gauge (e.g., BCM KA-type diaphragm strain gauge) bonded on its diaphragm to form the Wheatstone bridge circuit. Thanks to the metal foil strain gauge, the PS of 664F-series has a lowest temperature effect among all the PS from BCM SENSOR.

To fit different pressure applications, the housing of 664F(c) PS can be customized to have a variety of threads (e.g., G1/4) and hexagon (e.g., SW27) for mechanical installation of this PS.

A variety of output signals are available, e.g., mV/V signal directly from the Wheatstone bridge circuit, ratiometric signal of 10%~90%Vs, or digital signal of I2C or SPI protocols via an SSC (sensor signal conditioner) which is fixed at the PS backside.

The 664F(c) PS is mostly used to build pressure transmitters by adding both an SSC at its backside, a housing for SSC via its M24x1 threads and a connector for both power supply and signal output.

Additional Information

Pressure Range

0~25bar, …, ~400bar

Pressure Type


Output Signal

1mV, 1.5mV, option: 10%~90%Vs ratiometric, 0~5V, I2C, SPI


up to ±0.05%fs